It is important for children to visit the dentist starting at a very young age in order to help prevent dental problems, introduce the necessary role of the doctors and regular checkups, and foster good oral hygiene habits. Dr. Pacheco and Dr. Medina work closely with children and parents to ensure these goals are met.

Our office provides a nurturing environment to create a comfortable experience for our young patients while using state-of-the-art equipment and innovative educational practices to provide the best dental health. We work with local programs, such as First 5 and SBCEO Health Linkages to promote health throughout the Santa Barbara community.

Individualized Treatment Options
Many children are naturally apprehensive about visiting the dentist, which is why we can provide different ways for them to cope with treatment. the Doctors use a technique called "Tell, Show, Do" during procedures to explain and demonstrate what is being done during the child's visit. By being more engaged in their own treatment, a patient is more likely to be relaxed and able to cooperate with the doctor.

If a child is still unable to cooperate, Dr. Medina can explain more options during the initial examination and determine if it is necessary to perform treatment with analgesia using nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral conscious sedation, or referral to a pedodontist.

Preparing for the first visit
In order to create a healthy relationship between the doctor and pediatric patients, we advise parents to prepare their children for their dental visits. We recommend that parents speak truthfully to their children regarding the nature of the appointment and talk about what they will experience, such as explaining how X-rays are taken and how the office works. The doctors and staff are friendly and are there to help maintain a healthy smile for them, so we strongly advise against portraying the dentist and the office in a frightening manner.

In addition, we recommend that parents introduce small children to the concept of a dental procedure through play in a relaxed environment, by reading children's books on the subject, or by bringing them along to the office with an older sibling.

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